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Marketing and Communications Professional Development Instructor & Coach for the CVS Health Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers.

The above is the first in a series of workshop video lectures I wrote and designed for an asynchronous class at RWU College on Content Marketing for Social Media.

Course Overview

The successful businesses of today are data-driven organizations recognizing the value and strength in creating active, consistent, and robust presences in the digital space. Social Media platforms are providing essential points of contact with their audiences and strengthening relationships. When armed with data mined from social media analytics about products, consumer behavior, and competitors, businesses can grow market share and build stronger relationships with high-value markets. 

The objective of this class is to provide participants with the practical knowledge and insights required to manage their organic business presence on social media with a specific focus on creating Content Marketing. Content Marketing is the practice of creating strategic marketing that distributes relevant and valuable content to a clearly defined audience that will ultimately drive action from the customer. This content does not utilize a call to action like traditional marketing but is intended to stimulate interest in products or services with informative editorial.  

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